Butler MacMaster Affordability

We recognize the value of your dollar, and as such,
we believe in offering an affordable product.
You will find our prices to be some of the most
competitive in the industry.


Butler MacMaster Knowledgeability

Butler MacMaster was founded in 1978 in
Hallowell, ME. Each of our orders are backed by
over 30 years of winning history and racing knowledge.


Butler MacMaster Attention to Detail

Unsatisfied with rigid customer service "policies",
offered by many brands today; we choose to opt
for a more personal method: we approach each
customer's needs individually, as a unique situation,
and as a new opportunity to provide the customer
with a rewarding and personal purchase experience
from start to finish.


Butler MacMaster Convenience

Through an organized, simplified and responsive website design,
we sought to bring you the top brands in performance parts
through an online ordering platform that is not only easy to use,
but one that would function on your phone or tablet,
wherever you might find yourself.


Butler MacMaster Savings

We are always aiming to offer you new ways to save,
through frequent sales, discounts and offers,
when you need them most.