Our Capabilities

Overhaul or Remanufacture

Butler MacMaster Performance boasts full capabilities for complete in-house overhauls on virtually any and all types of engines. Regardless of the application of engine, we posses the skills, expertise and equipment for the job. High Performance, muscle cars, old flat heads, you name it. We have the capabilities to support all engine types and applications.
Just give us a call, we are ready to work with you!


Cylinder heads

When considering how vital these components of the engine truly are, in ensuring that your engine is running at or above OEM specifications, you would not take it to any old garage or attempt a “do it yourself” job. At Butler MacMaster Performance we do this every day, and know what it takes to have and keep your engine running. With every piece of tooling and machinery required to handle nearly any OEM, we are ready to assist you with your Cylinder Head needs.



To ensure that the mating surface between your head and block is absolutely flat, and consists of the proper surface finish, resurfacing the head, block or manifolds is the way to go. After checking the deck for any warping or abnormalities, we are able run it through our machines and produce a product that exceeds both the OEM standards, and proper RA gasket finish.


Valve Job

Grinding the Valve face flat and ensuring no wear exists on the stems is a necessary task that ensures no compression or horse power is escaping into areas where is should not. If it is so, then your build could be losing engine power, burning costly gas or diesel, or damaging your engine. A simple Valve Job could save you a lot of money by preventing a catastrophic failure which can be caused by any of the aforementioned symptoms.


Seat and guide install

Replacing, grinding and reaming these areas to create a completely new finish will allow for a 100% seal, and will ensure that your job is done right. The main principle behind maintaining this area of the engine is to be able to capture every bit of energy that is being created by the engine and not letting it escape unutilized.           
Oil consumption is also a concern in this area of the engine. If not properly maintained, this area can be responsible for a total catastrophic failure of the entire engine.



Housing and supporting your vital engine parts, this particular component must be in top condition and perform flawlessly at all times. Having complete in house capabilities to support all of your machining requirements, we look forward to meeting and exceeding any challenges set forth by the customer. If the block is damaged beyond repair we will work with you to get a replacement block, long block, or new engine.


Cylinder boring

With the ability to perform all types of cylinder repairs, including sleeving or fixed boring techniques, we are confident that we can support your needs in this area.


Cylinder Honing

Properly finishing your cylinder walls, per the application, is essential in preserving the longevity of your engine. Proper wall finish will ensure lubrication, cooling of the piston and compression retention leading to less wear over a longer period of time.


Main Line Boring/Honing

From C-15 Caterpillar’s, to small 1-2 cylinder engines, we possess the machining capabilities and tooling equipment to handle most every engine on the market.
Ensuring that your main line is straight and true, allows your engine to rotate freely and effortlessly. With a better finish your engines will be running more efficiently and stronger due to less resistance internally.


Lifter Boring/Honing

Boring and Honing the lifter bore to ensure the proper fit to any lifter is essential in all applications, but most critical with high RPM engines. We make sure that you do not lose 1 HP or risk damage to any other engine components due to loosely cut and improperly finished bores.


Your crankshaft is the heart of your engine and should be treated as such. Here at Butler MacMaster Performance we have the capabilities and personnel to grind, straighten and polish your crankshaft back to OEM or higher specifications, with the upmost precision and care. We have the tooling and experience to handle jobs of all sizes and will see to it that your crankshaft has the best finish possible.



Instead of spending your money on a new crankshaft, let us and our expert machinists grind your out-of-round crankshaft back to specifications and get you back up and going sooner and with less expense. We can easily determine if the crankshaft is salvageable and inform you of your options.



After getting your crankshaft ground it is essential that it is polished to exceed RA specifications. Even if your crank did not require grinding, before a rebuild it is necessary that all cranks be polished to meet RA specifications.



Throughout the life of an engine connecting rods can experience a variety of abuses. When going through your engine, it is important to take the time to have your Connecting Rods properly ground and honed, as well as Pin Bushings replaced. At Butler MacMaster Performance, we are able to facilitate every step of this process.



We offer full services for all camshaft requirements, including polishing the camshaft to proper RA specifications so that your engine runs flawlessly.


Nondestructive Testing

Whenever performing a rebuild, or if the integrity of a component has potentially been compromised, we have the proper testing equipment needed to ensure that no damage has occurred. We conduct only the testing procedures in which we are 100% confident in and which are able to fully interpret the results.



Magnetic Particle Testing is a testing method which can easily reveal even the smallest of surface and subsurface cracks.


Particle Powder

Using the dry Mag allows us to visibly see if any imperfection has occurred in the casting using florescent colors. This method is used when searching for imperfections in visible and accessible areas.


Wet Horizontal MPI

The wet magnetic method ranks superior to dry when a hard to reach area arises or an area is not easily visible. This method detects any imperfections that have occurred in the material. If an imperfection or crack has occurred, it will be illuminated in a florescent color.


Pressure Testing

A very effective method of testing for internal or external cracks and seal leaks is by pressurizing the component in question and testing if the area is able to sustain that pressure. Understanding how each component of the engine functions and affects other components is essential in diagnosing the results of this test. There are several different types of conditions that components can be tested in and each can affect the component differently.


Engine Balancing

A properly balanced engine is a key component to any high horse power machine, and a proper balance job can only be done with the right equipment and personnel. At Butler MacMaster Performance we are able to fully measure all rotating and reciprocating weight. Having these capabilities allows us not only to perform the entire balancing process at minimal cost to the customer, but to machine the parts in a timely manner.



Our state-of-the-art Dynamometer, and Dyno facility is one of the best and most diverse in the entire North East. Our temperature controlled environment allows for consistent, precise tuning and Horsepower measurements.
If your engine is already built, we are gladly able to dyno test it and then make any necessary adjustments in accordance with your instructions. Our dyno can run engines as small as 4 cylinders, (2300 Fords, 22R Toyotas) on up to Big Block Chevys and other makes over 1,000 Horse Power. We also have the capabilities to run fully dressed marine engines utilizing our specialized marine cooling system.