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  • Wayne Helliwell, Jr. Claims a Career Victory By Winning the Governors Cup 150

    Wayne Helliwell Wins the ACT Tour Governors CupCan't tell you how strange it was to pick my phone up and have a voicemail from the Governor.

    — Wayne Helliwell Jr (@WayneHelliwell) April 26, 2015

    Wayne Helliwell Jr. spent his racing life growing up in the New Hampshire oval: Lee USA Speedway. Helliwell has piloted just about every division the track has run at some point and been successful doing it. Three track titles and more than three dozen victories across 5 divisions at the Lee, NH track.

    But one event has eluded him above all others The American Canadian Tour New Hampshire Governors Cup. Helliwell has been competing in the event since the mid-90’s and has either come up the bridesmaid or had some strange problem prevent him from getting the win while running competitive; burnt ignition wires, broken distributor rotor, flat tires you name it.

    The running of the 25th annual event didn’t start out anymore promising for the driver that has reeled off four-straight top-4 finishes in 2015. With a worst finish of 4th coming at the Thompson Speedway Ice Breaker.

    The Bruce Bernhardt owned Ekeys-4-Cars, Harpoon Brewery, Bulter Macmaster Ford Fusion unloaded to a motor problem during Saturdays open test season for the ACT cars. Helliwell with a miss in the engine spent the better part of Saturday diagnosing the problem.

    “Spark plug. Its always the smallest cheapest parts that give you the most trouble. We did some routine maintenance over the week and changed the plugs. Brand new out of the box it was faulty.”
    stated Helliwell.

    While fixing the spark plug issue and finding speed in the car Helliwell was again frustrated after his heat race when he faced tire issues. Even though he moved the 27nh from his 9th starting position to a 5th place finish earning the pole for the 150-lap event, he wasn’t pleased.

    “The tires went crazy in the heat race. We lost ¾” of an inch of stagger. I was really frustrated… I thought its always something with this race… I wasn’t sure if we could get it fixed…”

    Helliwell would roll from the pole position and lead the first 77-laps of the event, not something he intended to do. Using a strategy to conserve his tires he purposely slowed the race pace down.

    “I only planned on leading the first couple of laps to start. I thought for sure someone would go bye me… We were running almost 17-second lap times. I just wanted to conserve and run my pace. I ran as hard as i needed too when i needed.”

    Just before the 100-lap mark, weather was in the area and the races intensity picked up. A battle with former Governors Cup winner and Lee USA Speedway regular Eddie MacDonald ensued.

    "I could see Eddie coming behind me. He was a little better in the middle of the race. Even with the drizzle, I thought it was still to early to run that hard with 50 or so laps left.”

    Helliwell’s conservation mode would pay off taking the lead for the final time on a lap-117 restart. He would go on to claim the victory by three car lengths over Windham, ME driver Brad Babb.


    “This means a lot me, to Bruce, to this Team. To have my whole family here. It hasn’t been from lack of trying. I’m proud of everyone for the effort and working so hard to get us here. We struggled for sure throughout the weekend. Feels good to get this behind us now.”

    The Pelham, NH based Team will look to continue their winning ways when they head to the high banks of Thunder Road Speedbowl in Barre, VT next weekend for the 17th annual Merchants Bank 150. An event Helliwell is the defending winner of.

    “We’re looking forward to going back. I think we have a better overall package now than we did when we won there. It should be a good time…”

  • Customer Dave Farrington, Jr. Selected for Alan Kulwicki Driver Development Program

    Dave Farrington Jr. 2014 NASCAR Whelen All American Maine State ChampionJay, ME - 2014 NASCAR Whelen All American Maine State Champion and longtime customer, Dave Farrington, Jr. has been chosen among 6 other drivers out of a national pool of racers from coast to coast to compete in the inaugural Alan Kulwicki Driver Development Program. (KDDP) The drivers chosen cover a diverse demographic within the racing community, representing Maine to California, ranging in age from 15 to 26.

    The KDDP was established spring of last year, by the family of late NASCAR champion Alan Kulwicki. The motivation for the program was to help up and coming drivers in achieving their goals, while also continuing the legacy of the late Mr. Kulwicki. Drivers from across the U.S. and Canada submitted their applications for review by the KDDP advisory board. These applications were then narrowed to a selection of 15 finalists. Those drivers were then individually interviewed. From there the board settled on the final roster of 7 drivers for the inaugural 2015 season.

    Congratulations, Dave! Very well deserved.
    We are happy to see your hard work paying off, and we are excited to see what you accomplish in the 2015 season!

  • Congratulations to a Longtime Team Member

    Kurt Madsen Kurt performing some minor adjustments on a customer's engine.


    On Friday, the Butler MacMaster family grew smaller by one, as we said goodbye and wished our sincere congratulations to our dear friend, and longtime team member, Kurt Madsen.

    Kurt has chosen to retire, after over 31 loyal years of service with BMM.

    Mr. Madsen has been an incredibly hardworking and dedicated team member, and we are certainly sad to see him go, but we wish him all the best as moves on to enjoy this new and (hopefully) relaxing period in his life.

    Kurt is not a man who enjoys taking center stage, so when we asked if he had anything to share regarding the change, he laughed claiming "I'm not very good at this (laughs)" however he went on to say:

    I have learned a lot here, over the years. There is really a lot more to this automotive business than most people realize.

    BMM has really been a nice place to work. Compared to past jobs, I have been spoiled here (laughs)

    I would definitely like to say a thank you and good luck to the rest of the team here.

    Congratulations, Kurt!

    -The Butler MacMaster Family

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    2015 Ford Racing Wheels Special

    With our headquarters in Maine, we understand the hazards of winter driving, especially the damage that can come to wheels and tires...

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  • Sunshine Shutout For Eddie MacDonald

    Eddie MacDonald 3 Peat at New Smyrna Speedway Photo courtesy of speed51.com



    Customer Eddie MacDonald is off to an aggressive start for the 2015 season. The Rowley, MA driver successfully claimed the top spot in 3 sequential ACT tour 100 lap events at the 49th World Series of Asphalt at New Smyrna Speedway in New Smyrna, FL. The wins marked a successful shutout victory of the American Racer Challenge Cup for the 17MA driver.

    To claim each win, MacDonald faced a field of worthy adversaries: 2010 NASCAR Whelen All American Series champion Keith Rocco, former Beech Ridge Motor Speedway champion, Brad Babb, championship winning young gun Joey Polewarczyk, and 2-time ACT Tour champion, our own, Wayne Helliwell Jr. presenting Eddie a run for his money by taking #2 on the latter two races of the 3 (placing 3rd in race #1).

    Earlier this week we were able to catch up with our friend Rollie LaChance, crew chief for Eddie MacDonald and Grimm Racing, to talk about the warm weather event and engine performance during the races.

    You know it's kind of funny, I never thought of the engine. (laughs)

    Last year we discovered that we had an issue with our airbox (not the engine itself). We redid our airbox and discovered that by doing so, we gained considerable power.
    It was really great to see that additional potential [in the engine] which we were not utilizing.
    New Smyrna is a track where power is key, so that additional power really shone for us last week.

    I think where we excelled was Eddie cutting the corners so that he could lay on the throttle coming out. From there is where you need that power to carry you through.

    They say that cream rises to the top. I think that's what happened over the weekend. (laughs)

    There were several teams who ended up blowing their engines down there-New Smyrna is a track that can really test your engine. It was great to have such reliability in our own engine.
    It [the engine] really ran well over the week. Good power, no issues.
    Overall pretty non-eventful as far as the engine goes, and that's really what you want! (laughs)

    Eddie and the Grimm Racing team now set their victorious sights on the Governor's Cup 150 at Lee USA Speedway in Lee, NH. MacDonald is the defending champ for the event after claiming a very strategic victory in last year's running.

    Our earnest congratulations to Eddie MacDonald and the Grimm Racing team!

  • 3 Podiums For Helliwell in The Sunshine State


    Wayne Helliwell Jr. and the Bernhardt Motorsports boys are off to an energetic start for the 2015 season. The NH based team snagged three back-to-back-to-back podium finishes at New Smyrna Speedway in New Smyrna, Florida. An event which marked the ACT tour's first visit to New Smyrna Speedway in over 3 years.

    The event featured three individual 100-lap races; two of which counted towards the American Racer Cup challenge. The warm weather event drew 27 teams from northern regions; with prize money totaling more than $40,000.00.

    Helliwell's finishes were not without hard work.
    The team launched from the 6th position for Sunday's feature, gradually falling back to 10th before rallying for a third place finish.

    “We were decent Sunday, the car had speed" said Helliwell. “It’s hard to tell in practice but in the heat we could see how Eddie [MacDonald] was beating us… Then Patrick [Laperle] did the same in the feature, rolling the middle [of the turn], that’s where they were making up time. I couldn’t cut on the bottom like they could. That’s where the speed was. That’s what we worked on in practice [Monday].”
    The team's practice efforts rewarded them, as they advanced to a second place finish for the second feature. However, Eddie MacDonald was proving to be the man to beat, by repeating his first place finish from the night before for back-to-back wins.

    Rain postponed the feature for the third night which afforded the team an opportunity to muster their strategy to run the final feature the following night.

    “We knew after the first few laps the changes worked on Wednesday" said Helliwell. “We had good pace. We really didn’t practice at all; we ran maybe a dozen laps… The cold was coming [for feature time] and you can definitely over adjust for that.”

    Again, hard work paid off for Heliiwell. The team began the race from 17 and quickly worked up to 7th. Contact with Joey Polewarczyk spun the car on lap 26. Afterwards, Wayne restarted from 20th, quickly moving back up to the top 5 in merely 13 laps.

    “Really we just needed one break on a restart" stated Helliwell. “I’ve never cheered so much for other drivers. I was yelling in my helmet trying to help them complete a pass. Our lanes just won’t go… I was trying to be smart and save my stuff, every caution hurt us."

    Helliwell would seize an opportunity on lap 87 to jump to 2nd, but could not usurp Eddie MacDonald of his leading position for the remainder of the race. With back-to-back second place finishes, Wayne would also walk away with second overall for the American Racer Challenge Cup.

    “Eddie has been the class of the field all week" shared Helliwell. “But tonight I think we had the better car, it showed at the end. We just ran out of laps. Congrats to him, he won everything… Normally we would be happy with top-threes but tonight i feel like it got away from us. We're in one piece and there is a lot of winter left to tune for Lee [USA Speedway]."

    As the Bernhardt crew has made their way back to the chilly northeast, Wayne will be preparing to compete in the Make-A-Wish DT100 Kart event this Saturday (02/28/2015), a personal favorite of the 27NH driver.

  • ACT & Pass To Team Up For Portions of 2015 Season

    ACT Tour LogoLate in 2014 it was announced that two major asphalt circle track sanctioning bodies in the New England Region, the American Canadian Tour (ACT) central to Waterbury, VT and the Pro All Star Series (PASS) out of Naples, ME have come to a form of 'alliance' for the 2015 season.

    The two series will join for a "double-header" style event to take place at the opening event for the 2015 PASS season at Oxford Plains Speedway on April 18th. The event will see cars from each series take to the track for individual 150-lap feature events. ACT will additionally hold a traditional season opening event at Lee USA Speedway with the annual New Hampshire Governor's Cup on April 12th.

    “This agreement between PASS and ACT is going to be very good for the New England and Canadian race fans, and certainly for full fender race teams. ACT Late Model teams spent many years racing at Oxford, and they always put on some terrific shows. This will also allow a number of the ACT teams, who also have PASS Super Late Models, to compete with the stars of PASS. We see this as a win-win for teams and fans,” stated Tom Mayberry, President of the PASS series and owner of Oxford Plains Speedway.

    Included in this program will be a clear ACT schedule during the Oxford 250, held August ACT Tour Logo29th-30th. ACT will not be scheduling any races or rain dates that weekend. This will afford ACT teams with PASS Super Late Models the opportunity to run in the prestigious Oxford 250 .

    “I see this project between ACT and PASS as a work in progress. We expect that other possibilities can result from this initial negotiation, and we are excited about working with Tom [Mayberry] going forward. It certainly should provide for an exciting new era of racing in our region for both the fans and race teams." stated Tom Curley, ACT Tour President.

  • Best of Luck to All BMM Customers Heading Down to New Smyrna

    New Smyrna Speedway Logo

    In addition to the Helliwell/Bernhardt crew, many of our other customers will be heading to New Smyrna, FL for more than a week of exciting racing. We want to take a quick moment to wish each of them safe travels and lots of luck!

    Included in that list are:

    Tom Carey & Falconi Racing, Eric Chase & Mad Dog Motorsports, Bradley Babb & Laquerre Motorsports, Aaron Fellows, Kyle Welch, Eddie MacDonald & Grimm Motorsports, and Dave Farrington Jr.

    Best luck to all of you, gentlemen!

  • Wayne Helliwell Jr. & Team Heading to New Smyrna For Winter Racing

    #27NH At New Smyrna SPeedwayNew Smyrna, FL - Wayne Helliwell Jr. and the Bernhardt Motorsports team are heading for warmer weather at New Smyrna Speedway in New Smyrna, FL for three straight 100-lap events for the American Canadian Tour from February 15th to 17th.

    The Sunday, Monday and Tuesday triple header will mark the second pilgrimage to the sunshine state with the series. The first trip in 2011, Helliwell grabbed back-to-back 4th place finishes and used it as a spring board into a runner up in series points that year.

    Helliwell says he remembers the drivers meeting over everything else during the inaugural event:

    “Tom Curly (ACT Series President) lost his mind”. “Tom went nuts,” stated Helliwell. “There were die-cast cars he was slamming into each other yelling "this is not how to drive!", pink flags with pigs on them, and he told everyone if they don’t like it, pack up and head north. It was hysterical and confusing all at the same time... it was awesome.”

    Besides the drivers meeting Helliwell says going back is like coming full circle for the Team; now having history with the series they're confident they can compete for wins not just be the guy from Lee USA Speedway.

    “We went in 2011 and were winging it so-to-speak,” stated Helliwell. “We knew we could run with the series but our program wasn't where it needed to be. It prepared us for what we needed to compete full time."

    Helliwell says their Team is as strong as ever but knows the level of competition is equally as good.

    “We’re a much better Team now,” stated Helliwell. “This series has so much talent in it; they should be really competitive races. We’re excited, I’m glad they added another race for Sunday, I wish we were there for the whole week…”

    The mid-winter action kicks off Sunday February 15th with the first 100-lap non-points race and is followed up by two more 100-lap races that will determine an overall winner for the American Racer Cup. Over $35,000 in awards money will be handed out for just Monday and Tuesday’s events. The three-day event will serve as non-points counting events for the 2015 series championship.

    Follow Wayne on Facebook to keep up with the action!

  • RACE REPORT: Winning Weekend for Butler MacMaster Customers

    Barre, VT / Lee, NH - It was a very exciting, and victorious, weekend for Butler MacMaster customers.

    First, Eddie MacDonald of Rowley, MA, took the win at the prestigious 2014 Milk Bowl at Thunder Road International Speedbowl, with fellow BMM customers Derrick O'Donnell (defending Thunder Road Track Champion), and John Donahue taking 2nd and 3rd respectively.

    Next, Tom Tombarello won the Super Modified event at Lee USA Speedway Oktoberfest 2014.

    And finally, our own Wayne Helliwell Jr claimed the win in the Late Model event at Oktoberfest.

    Eddie MacDonald Wins Milk Bowl

    Eddie MacDonald nearly passed up on the 2014 Milk Bowl due to a rescheduling conflict with the Oktoberfest Late Model race at his home track, Lee USA Speedway, which he had previously planned to run. It was a difficult decision for the team:

    “We kept going back and forth because we really wanted to run Lee, our home track, and we’ve really struggled so bad here in the past.” Eddie told press after the race on Sunday.

    After failing to qualify for last years' running of the Milk Bowl, Eddie wanted another shot at the event.

    Eddie MacDonald Wins 2014 Milk Bowl CheckThis week we had an opportunity to chat with Eddie MacDonald and Grimm Racing crew chief: Rollie LaChance:

    "It was excellent!
    We had a good car right out of the trailer, then we made a few modifications, and we had a great car.

    The Milk Bowl is a tough race, and even tougher when you're fighting for the lead.
    I haven't been in that position at that race in a while.

    We are really happy with the engine.
    At Loudon we had a problem with the airbox, which we were losing some power to. We replaced that [the airbox] for this race. As soon as we got the car out on the track for practice Eddie said "wow, this is power."

    It's great, as a crew chief, when you don't have to think about the engine, it allows you to focus on the chassis. After that first practice, we didn't think about the engine for the rest of the day.

    Working with BMM over the years has been great.Eddie macDonald Kisses The Cow at the 2014 Milk Bowl
    Joe at the shop is very good, I've worked with him for years. What makes him [Joe] really stand out, is that if you have a question which he doesn't immediately have the answer for, you never have to chase him down, he will get back to you, and quickly. That's huge as a crew chief. With so much going on constantly, that kind of reliability is great.

    We are very happy with BMM and their product. I never have to worry about the engine.
    Having one less thing to worry about can sometimes allow you to have a life! (laughs)"

    Next, Tom Tombarello picked up an easy win in the Super Modified event at Lee USA Speedway Oktoberfest.

    Tommy TombarelloWe caught up with him this week, as well:

    "I've been using BMM since I started in racing. Their engines have driven me to multiple championship wins.

    BMM engines are very reliable, they keep running. You can't beat the quality and the craftsmanship, you know?

    All the hard work in the shop makes it easy at the track.

    I have to thank my crew for the win. They work on the car 7 nights a week, and I can be difficult to get along with. (laughs) I have a specific way that I like things, and I have to thank them for putting up with me! (laughs)
    I also have to thank my crew chief, Justin Belfiore. He makes my job very easy.

    I also can't thank BMM enough for their support and involvement.
    They are very reliable, I have never had any problems with a single engine.

    I just have to thank my entire team! I couldn't do any of this without them!"

    Finally, Mr. Wayne Helliwell, Jr. took home the win in the Late Model event at Oktoberfest!

    Wayne Helliwell Jr Victor Lee USA Speedway Oktoberfest (Photo T.J. Ingerson/VMM)

    We checked in with him as well. Here are his comments on the event:

    "The car was absolutely unbelievable, probably the best car that we've ever had at Lee!

    We were experimenting [with the car] a bit. We tried something new, and boy, did it work!"

    Look forward to Wayne and the crew in the Granite State Pro Stock Series event at Thompson Speedway Motorsports Park this weekend! (10/18 - 10/19)


  • CUSTOMER FOCUS: New Hampshire Racing Legend: Babe Branscombe

    Babe Branscombe #38 Spirit of Daytona Corvette

    Nottingham, NH - We were recently fortunate to have the opportunity to catch up with New England racing legend, long-time customer and friend: Babe Branscombe.

    If you are unfamiliar with the name, Babe Branscombe is an accomplished, veteran driver from Nottingham, NH who has been racing for more than 44 years; since the early age of 16. Babe has raced in a variety of different racing series over the course of his long career. From the NASCAR Nationwide series to the ACT tour, from the NASCAR Whelen Series, to racing the legendary Sebring International Raceway.

    Babe has been a faithful customer of Butler MacMaster Performance for the majority of our more than 38 year history; over 20 years in total. Over the years, he has come to us for a variety of engines for his numerous different racecars. And the relationship has been a winning one, Babe having even logged a victory at the highly prestigious Daytona International Raceway using a Butler MacMaster built engine at a 2011 SCCA regional event.

    Last weekend (10/4), Babe logged his most recent victory, in the SCCA (Sports Car Club of America) North East Region Club Racing Series at Thompson Speedway using his Spirit of Daytona, former Daytona 24 Hour car, Carbon Fiber Corvette, running a Butler MacMaster Chevrolet engine.

    Babe Branscombe #38 Spirit of Daytona Corvette Babe Branscombe's #38 Spirit of Daytona Corvette

    Last week we had an opportunity to sit down with Babe to talk his long racing career, his win at Thompson, and his long relationship with Butler MacMaster. Here is what he had to say:

    "The race on Saturday was good!
    We qualified 2nd out of a field of 12-15 cars.

    We took the lead immediately and were able to hold the front for the remainder of the race.

    Club racing is a bit different than circle track racing. It has a different focus.

    I started racing at the age of 16, since then it has been 44 years.

    I have had the opportunity to race many different series over the years. We have been fortunate to win the track championship at my local track [Star Speedway] on 7 different occasions.

    Now I am racing SCCA Club and a bit of GSPSS-we race against your guy Helliwell! (laughs)

    In the GSPSS I'm really just racing the familiar tracks; mainly for fun. My interest is now road racing, and has been for the last few years.

    We have been racing the Corvette at Sebring. That is my favorite track. Just so much history there. It is amazing...

    I have been a customer of the shop for at least 20 years... It has been fantastic.
    You guys have a great crew. Really helpful, really knowledgeable people.

    I was a bit nervous when Dave left, but I have been very happy to see that the shop has maintained the exact same level of superior, quality, production.

    It has been great getting to know Joe since Dave's departure. Anytime that I have a question, I can call Joe. He is always so helpful and willing to answer questions or help-out however he can, and that to me, is worth a lot. He is a very well-spoken and knowledgeable individual.

    Quality people at BMM. I couldn't be happier..."

  • RACE REPORT: Wayne Helliwell Jr. Wins ACT Invitational at NHMS, Foul Play Suspicions Dispelled

    Wayne Helliwell Jr Celebrates in Victory Lane at the ACT Invitiational at NHMSLoudon, NH - Wayne Helliwell Jr and the Bernhardt Motorsports team find themselves the proud victors of the Bond ACT Invitational at the legendary New Hampshire Motor Speedway on Saturday.

    Helliwell began the (scheduled) 50-lap race at the 16th position out of a 43 card field. Wasting no time, he had achieved the 4th position by lap 10.

    On lap 16, Helliwell succeeded in surpassing leader, Glen Luce, for the front spot. From there, the remainder of the race became a battle between Helliwell and Patrick Laperle, of Quebec, as the latter made all efforts to usurp Helliwell from the leading position. Helliwell heldfast to the front spot, claiming the victory after the race was called on lap 44 of 50 due to worsening darkness.

    Wayne Helliwell Jr Flat in Victory LaneOfficials came to the decision to call the race early after consulting with drivers on the safety conditions of the track during a red flag due to a sever crash on lap 44. Most drivers agreed that the increasing darkness was a safety hazard.

    To make a great win even more incredible, the #27NH car experienced a flat tire in victory lane!
    Talk about having luck on your side!

    Next, to add even more drama to this momentous victory: after receiving complaints of "too much power" from several of the #27NH team's competitors, the ACT tour governing body made the decision to have the engine reviewed for legality Saturday night shortly after the race was called.

    The engine was then immediately pulled from the 27NH car, on-the-spot that night, and sent over to RPM engines in Georgia, VT for review. After thorough inspections were made, it was officially verified today (9/22) that the engine met all official, tour-legal specifications.

    Being a Butler MacMaster built engine, we look on this situation very favorably, as for us, the incident simply served to further fortify to fans, supporters and competitors alike, our commitment to stand behind each and every one of our products with honesty, integrity, and expert craftsmanship.

    Bruce Bernhardt and Wayne Helliwell Jr Celebrate in Victory Lane

    It's awesome!

    Team Owner, Bruce Bernhardt, on the victory at NHMS.

    Helliwell in last years running of the ACT invitational at NHMS. Helliwell in last years running of the ACT invitational at NHMS.

    Last year we had the pleasure of being present in support of the crew at the 5th running of the ACT Invitational, where we watched them work equally hard, falling just short of the win with a 2nd place finish.

    As such, it is exciting for us to see all of the team's effort and hard work pay off with the realization of the win this year.

    Today, we were able to sit down with team owner, Bruce Bernhardt, who shared some of the teams excitement with us:

    "It's awesome! We worked hard for it.

    NHMS is one of the biggest stages for racing in New England. It's very exciting.

    You guys were up here last year; you were able to see firsthand what it's all about and what we do here at NHMS.

    Just to be able to say that you've had a car in victory lane here is incredible.
    Plus to be able to take your sponsors, like Butler MacMaster, to victory lane with you is very rewarding."

    Next we were able to catch up with the man himself, Wayne Helliwell Jr:

    "It was the first time that we were just so extremely good there. [At NHMS]

    During practice we just had a great car.
    After practice we made a few adjustments and then we had an unbelievable car.

    I still didn't expect us to be THAT good. But everything just came together and it ended picture perfect!

    Not to get cheesy, (laughs) but I would really like to just say a quick "thank you" to you guys. [Butler MacMaster] The constant hard work, effort and support that you provide have helped us to get where we are and to make a win like this possible."

    This week, the team is in talks of running at Airborne Park Speedway on Saturday, however nothing is definite at this point.

  • RACE REPORT: Dillon Moltz Wins Star Classic 100

    Dillon Moltz Wins Star 100

    Epping, NH - Dillon Moltz of R B Performance picked up an example win at the Granite State Pro Stock Series Star Classic 100 at Star Speedway, on Sunday, September 7th. Dillon began the race at the pole position; smoothly holding that front spot for the entirety of the race, leading all 100 laps.

    The event was entirely uneventful for Dillon and the team, as they casually breezed through an easy victory.
    However that has not been the norm for the crew, as they have faced a series of bad luck this season, mostly due to equipment and external circumstances.

    Last week we were able to sit down with team owner and long-time, loyal customer, Mark Brackett, to talk the win, the car, the season and some history.

    Here is what he had to say:

    "It was an uneventful race, really. The car was fast right from the start.
    Dillon was very calm and focused. Everything just went very well for us.

    We've had some bad luck. (laughs)
    The last two times that we have been leading, we were taken out by something out of our control. The last was a flat on a caution lap. (laughs again)

    We're hoping for the best for the remainder of the season.
    We're pulling out the big guns for these last few races.

    The points race is really anyone's game right now.
    There have been 9 different winners at the last 9 GSPSS races.

    We're hoping to turn things around after a tough year.
    Dillon has done exceptionally. It's just been a bad year for us.
    It seems like we've had all of our bad luck in one year, here. (laughs)

    The Butler MacMaster guys have always done great for us.

    I have been a faithful customer of BMM since 2004, I think, so over 10 years now.
    It's been great working with them. We have never had one single issue with an engine after it had left the BMM shop in our over 10 year relationship.
    The guys have just been great. Joe and AJ are always great.
    I have no complaints at all.
    I don't plan on going anywhere else in my racing career..."

    #5 Dillon Moltz of RB Performance

    Just last week we completed a 604 refresh in the shop for Mark and the team, for use in their GSPSS car. The refreshed build will be used for the upcoming White Mountain Motorsports Park and Thompson Speedway races.

    Dillon and the team will be competing next at White Mountain Motorsports Park on Saturday for the next stop of the GSPSS tour.

  • Changes

    Butler MacMaster Performance Hallowell ME

    Today we are eager to announce several changes in the Butler MacMaster family.

    First, we are excited to welcome former Administrative Operations Manager, Joe Connors, into a new role as the General Manager of our Hallowell, ME Engine Shop location.

    Joe has been a faithful, hardworking employee at our Hallowell location for many years; an expert in the New England racing scene and all things engine related. The new role was a natural fit.
    We eagerly anticipate what lies in store for the shop under his new direction!

    Next, we are delighted to welcome a new employee to the Hallowell, ME location, Mr Ethan Danis!
    Ethan will be assisting in the administrative and customer service areas of the Hallowell shop.

    Ethan has been active in the automotive industry for over 20 years; owning his own repair shop, D&D Automotive, for the last 13. We are excited to welcome him as a valuable new member of the BMM family!

  • RACE REPORT: Devil's Bowl Renegade

    Stephen Donahue #26FAIR HAVEN, VT - Our good friends in the respected Donahue racing family recently came to us for a quick between-races engine refresh for young Stephen Donahue's #26 car.

    Stephen is making a run for the championship points race this year at Devil's Bowl Speedway in the Renegade Division. The team felt like they were down on power and that a refresh would be important going into the last several races of the season.

    We got a call from them, asking if we would be able to turn a refresh around between two back-to-back Friday night races.

    Plans were made; we picked up the engine Saturday night, got it into the shop on Sunday, and delivered it in VT by 9AM Thursday morning.

    With the refreshed engine, Stephen was able to breeze-through a win at the Devil's Bowl race the following night.

    We were able to catch up with the young driver after class the following week.
    We asked him how the race went and how the refreshed engine performed for him:

    "It was such a huge difference going from the 6-year-old engine to the refreshed build.
    It was more power than I've ever had in the car before.
    At practice we were running 3/10 of a second faster than everyone else on the track.

    I started 2nd for the feature. I took the lead on lap 6 going into turn 1. From there it was easy to hold the lead for the remainder of the race.

    It was just so much power. (laughs)

    My usual engine builder recently stopped doing race engines, so when we decided to do a refresh, my dad asked me where I wanted to go for it. I said "lets take it to Butler MacMaster." I knew that you guys had a reputation for getting the most power, and the reports were true. (laughs)

    After we got the engine back in the car from the rebuild, the difference in power was immediately noticeable. Even from ignition you could tell. It was much more crisp sounding."

    Best of luck for the remainder of the season Stephen!

    Stephen Donaue #26

    For 2015, Stephen is looking at running full-time at Thunder Road Speedbowl or White Mountain Motorsports Park.

    Photos courtesy of Devil's Bowl Speedway.

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