Ford Racing Fr9 Nascar Cylinder Block M-6010-R500

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Brand: Ford Racing



  • Features:
    • Lightweight Compacted Graphite Iron casting
    • Cross flow cooling
    • Cast-in camshaft tunnel
    • Inner and outer piston squirter provisions
    • Front engine plate mounting (no side mounts)
    • Dry sump only design
    • 4-bolt steel main caps
    • Internal oil passages to the cylinder heads
  • Specifications:
    • Deck Height: 9.000"
    • Bore Spacing: 4.500"
    • Camshaft Height: 6.150"
    • Bore Size Range: 4.000"-4.185"
    • Main Journal Diameter: 2.250"
    • Cam Bearing Diameter: 60mm roller
  • Required Components:
    • Cylinder head: M-6049-E1
    • Water manifold: M-8C368-FR9
    • Water pump assy: M-8051-FR9
  • Recommended Use:
    • Approved for the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series
    • Circle track competition
  • Builder Notes:
    • Semi-finished cylinder bores, main bearing bores and lifter bores - must be honed to final size
    • The FR9 engine is unique and does not share any components with previous 351 Windsor or Cleveland based engines
    • For FR9 engine related components not offered by Ford Racing, contact Roush Yates Performance Parts directly, phone 704-662-6982.
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Additional Information

Part Number M-6010-R500
Weight 223.0000

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