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Scorpion Racing Products has achieved a leadi...

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Scorpion Racing Products

Scorpion Racing Products has achieved a leading market position by focusing on the quality of its products, fast distribution and strong customer relationships. The company now sells rocker arms, lifters, pushrods, valves, valve springs, valvetrain stabilizers (stud girdles), fuel rail kits, lubricants and more.


Scorpion is successful in part because it manufactures products using the most technologically advanced tools and machines in the world. By utilizing the most sophisticated technology, Scorpion is able to maintain its leadership role in producing the absolute finest precision parts. This technology also enables the company to achieve superior quality at economies of scale that allows Scorpion to make its prices ultra-competitive.


Scorpion has proven that its fully automated, robotically controlled tooling, combined with its round-the-clock production capacity, effectively offsets the low wage advantage the Far East relies on and beats countries such as China at their own game. This productivity is a major marketing point for Scorpion, and of course, faster manufacturing means faster distribution to customers. But the icing on the cake is the priceless advantage of being able to stamp "MADE IN USA" on these products!


Scorpion is also successful because it performs intense research and testing on every product it manufactures. An in-house engine building department, a dynometer, and real world use in numerous Scorpion-sponsored race vehicles including drag race cars, circle track race cars and offshore race boats enable the company to test its products for quality and durability under the most intense conditions. Every product Scorpion makes is dyno tested and race proven before it is ever offered for sale to the public. The result of this is top quality race winning parts and very satisfied customers.


Simply put, Scorpion beats the competition by offering its customers superior quality that meets and beats Far East pricing and delivery schedules. Plus, while most U.S. competitors are locked into old machinery and traditional manufacturing techniques, Scorpion is committed to updating and replacing its sophisticated tooling at least every three years. The company's manufacturing processes and procedures are also continually updated to achieve greater efficiency and higher quality.


As evidenced by its ISO 9001:2008 certification, continuous improvement in quality is a priority at Scorpion. ISO 9001:2008 standards are recognized globally and are used by manufacturing and service organizations to create a standardized quality management system that is constantly monitored to ensure it conforms to the principles of continual quality improvement and customer satisfaction. At Scorpion, the quality management system is applied to design, development, manufacturing, assembly, testing and operational support of precision components for a wide range of high performance automotive and marine engine applications.